Category: Brexit Update

Brexit and It's Impact on You

By Lineweaver Financial Group
July 11, 2016 Category • Newsletter, Brexit Update

One thing we have all learned is that the markets do not like uncertainty. While we think the impact of Brexit for U.S. investors is negligible, the uncertainty surrounding Brexit could be with us for a while. Brexit is more of a political event than economic centered around dissatisfaction with EU imposed immigration policies. Economic effect will be limited here. U.S. stocks are driven by domestic economic outlook and corporate earnings. Globalization has helped our economy grow; in reality our economy is more closely linked to domestic growth vs. global growth. Consumer spending is the biggest driver of our economy, rounded out by government spending and private investment, leaving only a small share to net exports. This is in sharp contrast to other economies. Our thought is that there will not be more damage to U.S. stock prices than has already been done, and that has already fully reversed. We do expect greater weakness in European stocks. U.S. bond yields are down even further

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