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Golden Go logoLFG President and Founder Jim Lineweaver is one of Northeast Ohio's most respected financial experts and has been featured regularly on both radio and television. Jim created and hosted the Financial Quarterback Radio Show on WKNR 850 and is a frequent guest as a financial commentator on the morning show on WDOK 102.1. On the television airwaves, Jim appears every other Sunday as the financial commentator on WKYC Channel 3's Golden Opportunities Show with Laurie Steiner. Jim has also been featured on NewsNet 5's "WealthWATCH" segment on Wednesday mornings. We invite you to view some of Jim's past segments.

Golden Opportunities - Your Retirement Income and the New Trump Tax Plan

Air date - 4/8/2018

Golden Opportunities - Four Time Tested Estate Planning Strategies

Air date - 3/11/2018

Golden Opportunities - What the New Tax Law Means for Your Estate Plan

Air date - 2/25/2018


Golden Opportunities - Savvy Social Security Planning: What Baby Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income.

Air date - 2/11/2018


Golden Opportunities - How to Avoid Costly Mistakes With Your RMDs

Air date - 1/28/2018


Golden Opportunities - The Top Financial Strategies of the Wealthy

Air date - 1/14/2018


Golden Opportunities - Transferring Wealth to Future Generations

Air date - 12/31/17


Golden Opportunities - Pension Annuity or Lump Sum

Air date - 12/17/17


Golden Opportunities - Transfer Real Estate and Defer Tax!

Air date - 12/3/17



Golden Opportunities - Introducing Kids (And Grandkids!) To Investing

Air date - 11/19/17



Golden Opportunities - Your 401k Isn't Your Only Option

Air date - 10/22/17



Golden Opportunities - What is a Financial Quarterback, and Why Do I Need One?

Air date- 10/8/17




Golden Opportunities - The Hidden Costs of Mutual Funds

Air date- 9/24/17




Golden Opportunities - Are You Putting Yourself or Your Family at Unnecessary Risk?

Air date- 9/3/17




Golden Opportunities - Growing Your Wealth Through Real Estate

Air date- 8/27/17




Golden Opportunities - 3 Ways to Help a Charity - and Yourself!

Air date- 8/13/17



Golden Opportunities - Roth Conversions Can Be a Smart Retirement Strategy - Here's Why!


Air date- 7/16/17




Golden Opportunities - What Do President Trump's Policies Mean for Your Finances?

Air date- 7/2/17




Golden Opportunities - Creating a Steady Retirement Income – Without Annuities!

Air date- 6/18/17




Golden Opportunities - Don't Let Your Bonds Suffer as Interest Rates Rise!

Air date- 5/28/17




Golden Opportunities - Matching Your Beneficiaries With Your Wishes

Air date- 5/7/17




Golden Opportunities - You May Think You're Diversified - But Are You?

Air date- 4/23/17




Golden Opportunities - Evaluating Annuities

Air date- 4/9/17





Golden Opportunities - How Successful Will Your Retirement Be?

Air date- 3/26/17




Golden Opportunities - The Top 3 Financial Concerns...Besides the Stock Market!

Air date- 3/12/17




Golden Opportunities - 1 Basket or 3 Buckets? Jim walks us through financial strategies for the short, medium, and long term!

Air date- 2/27/17



Golden Opportunities - Your Kids Have Made a Comeback! Here are some rules for when they return to the roost!

Air date- 1/29/17



Golden Opportunities- Portfolio Stress Test

Air date- 6/12/16




Jim Lineweaver in Fortune Magazine
January 2016


Jim Lineweaver in Money Magazine
October 2015




Jim Lineweaver on CNBC

Air Date: 11/25/14

Jim Lineweaver was featured on CNBC to discuss the US markets and how the recent drop in oil prices could help the country 19s economy. 






Golden Opportunities- Post- Mortem 1035 Exchanges
Air date- 11/29/15





WealthWATCH- Identity Theft

April 2015





Real Money Radio

November 2014

Jim joined Real Money Radio on the following stations to help educate listeners on a wide variety of topics




Golden Opportunities- Inflation

Air Date: 12/13/15