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2017 Q4 Economic Commentary

By Lineweaver Financial Group
October 09, 2017 Category • 2017 Q4, Economic Commentary

Global financial markets continued to increase during the third quarter of 2017, supported by improving world economic growth. However, fiscal and monetary uncertainties as well as geopolitical events - continue to present risks. While tensions exist around the world, the potential for escalating military conflict with North Korea is the immediate threat. A few highlights from the third quarter are: U.S. equity markets continued to trade near record highs despite the new Trump Administrations failure to show meaningful progress on key domestic policies. On the economic front, preliminary estimates indicate GDP grew better-than-expected in the second quarter, reflecting robust consumer spending and strong business investment. U.S. equities are now in the ninth year of a bull market, making it one of the longest in the post-WWII era. Developed international equity markets were also positive during the third quarter and continued to outperform their domestic counterparts as earnings

Q3 Economic Commentary

By Lineweaver Financial Group
July 10, 2017 Category • Q3, Economic Commentary

Following the strong start to the year, additional positive performance slowed in the second quarter as markets digested a tremendous amount of economic and geopolitical news. However, despite elevated levels of uncertainty throughout global financial markets, returns overall remain robust year-to-date. A few highlights from the second quarter: U.S. Equity markets added to gains from earlier in the year at a slower pace as compared to the first quarter. Economic data was mixed and overall GDP results fell short of expectations. Despite uncertainty, corporate earnings were stronger than anticipated which helped push equity markets to new highs. International equity markets were positive during the quarter and outperformed their domestic counterparts. Economic data in Europe continues to come in better than expected, and could be signaling a period of sustained growth. Emerging Market equities posted some of the strongest gains of all in countries such as China, India, and Brazil,

Economic Commentary: Winter 2017

By Lineweaver Financial Group
January 12, 2017 Category • Economic Commentary, Winter 2017, Newsletter, Lineweaver

In many ways, 2016 has proven to be predictably unpredictable as highly covered events and predictions have not met up with outcomes (a few examples: Growth concerns in China, Fed uncertainty, Global slowdown fears, and Brexit). Q4 proved to be no different with the surprise election outcome of President-elect Donald Trump, and continued shifts in the political landscape abroad. Optimism about the incoming administrations plans for fiscal stimulus through reduced taxes and increased infrastructure spending, along with a move toward deregulation in the financial industry, seemed to drive sentiment for Q4. This positive sentiment was the primary driver of outperformance in the financial and industrial sectors, the expectation of nationalistic trade policies weighed on EM Equities, while positive sentiment surrounding U.S. equities drove investors out of Treasury and into U.S. equities, sending the yield on the 10-year Treasury Note to 2.37%. Some key highlights over the quarter: According

Economic Commentary - Fall 2016

By Lineweaver Financial Group
October 11, 2016 Category • Economic Commentary, Fall 2016, Newsletter, Lineweaver

For many, the end-of-summer months of July, August and September brings warmer weather, vacation and time with family. At the end of Q3, investors were treated to some calm as light trading activity was met with modest gains across stocks and the Fed decided not to change rates on September 22nd. Despite volatility through the first half of the year, Q3 brought much needed positive economic data, job growth and increases to investor sentiment. Some key highlights over the quarter: Investors were encouraged by a solid upturn in US housing construction, driven in part by continued improvement in the job market. Late in the month, the US Commerce Department announced that new home sales had surged 12.4% in July and reached a nine-year high. International stocks rose during the quarter, as investors shifted towards equities given the low interest rate environment. Global financials, though, rallied during the month as uncertainty around Brexit eased and bank share prices began to rebound

Economic Commentary- Summer 2016

By Lineweaver Financial Group
July 11, 2016 Category • Newsletter, Economic Commentary

As Q2 comes to a close, the SP 500 continued its positive momentum from Q1, posting a +1.8% gain in May. Despite global flare-ups, the US economy continues to grow and investors were pleased with signs of resilience as most asset classes were able to post positive returns over the period. Some key highlights over the quarter: - As the U.S. approaches full employment, it is no surprise that the pace of jobs growth is slowing. Wages have also been rising, which should help consumer spending. Should productivity levels improve, this would have a positive effect on wages and corporate profits. - U.S. stocks reached a 10-month high in June as the Federal Reserve decided not to raise rates at this time. - International stocks slipped into negative territory in May, ending a rally that began in late February. The Eurozone, Asia, and emerging markets, as measured by MSCI indexes, declined amid weak metals prices, lower manufacturing output, and a slumping energy sector due to oversupply and

Economic Commentary- Spring 2016

By Lineweaver Financial Group
April 11, 2016 Category • Economic Commentary, Newsletter

Since its low of 1,810, the SP 500 has surged, rising more than 200 points in less than a month and erasing losses from earlier in the year. Despite recent gains, many investors remain skeptical about the prospects for stock prices. In some ways, conditions have improved over the past month. U.S. economic data look more solid, worries about China have faded and global monetary policy is more accommodative. On the other hand, valuations now look less compelling, corporate revenues are under pressure and it is uncertain how long the oil price rally can continue unabated. For the time being, we think risk assets will continue to be buffeted by the multiple factors, especially policy changes from Central Banks around the world. Most recently, the European Central Bank (ECB) cut three of its key interest rates, while the Federal Reserve in the U.S. has postponed, for now, raising U.S. rates. We are living in a world in which the financial markets are highly influenced by Central Banks. It

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